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Inline Edit on Checkout Locked document

Question asked by helic on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2012 by throwback
I am using Alfresco Community Version 4.0. I face several check-in/check-out concerns on the function Inline Edit. I doubt whether these are known bugs or not:

(1) When User A Inline-Edit a plain-text document with web editor, before User A press Save, any other user B can do Inline Edit to the same document. Thus the 2 users may have 2 difference versions of updates on Save, and the later  saved version would override the earlier one without notice both users.

Expected behavior: When User A press Inline Edit, the document should be locked and other user B cannot edit it before user A press Save.

(2) When User A is Offline Editing an document, the document is locked by User A, but any other user B can still inline edit it. The user A can also inline edit the working copy. Thus the two users can override the content each other without notifying the other user.

(3) When User A is using Alfresco Explorer to do either an Online Edit or Offline Edit, before saving, User A or any other users can use Alfresco Share to inline edit the document and modify User A's working copy in Alfresco Explorer, without notifying User A.

Sometimes the user may encounter system error on save of Inline Edit, but it still saves it successfully. The Inline Edit would override any previous editing as latest working copy. There is no backup for previous online / inline edit versions.

These behaviors seem to violate the basics of checkin / checkout logic. Am I misunderstanding anything and how can I fix them? Thanks.