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How to do a good proof of concept

Question asked by huima on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by huima
Hi all,

I finally understand the value of Alfresco and how to use it.

It only took a project where I have had to work with Liferay's content management and see how it is built. In the project specification requires more than Liferay easily provides out of the box, which means we need to do development on top of Liferay's features or replace that implementation with something better. As I have grown more familiar with Liferay - I've grown also into thinking that I wouldn't like to extend and work on top of the Liferay base – as it brings a rather heavy load of unnecessary Liferay specific complexity and bad APIs for simple features.

Writing own CMS implementation from scratch sounds a bad idea, so I took a deeper look again to Alfresco and totally fell in love with the foundation api. As I looked at the API descriptions and code for services, they were totally in line with how I had modelled things in my mind and were a breath of fresh air compared to Liferay. I would really like to create a proof of concept, where instead of Liferay's CMS our portlets store and publish journal articles in Alfresco.

Initially I had thought to use Alfresco as a separate service and access content via webscripts, but as Alfresco is just a spring application as our portlets - and foundation apis kick ass compared to writing javascript ( without ide support and strong typing ) I thought integrated solution would be better and faster to implement.

As maven in the preferred way of managing projects in our project, I would really like to create my POC as a maven project. I noticed that there is alfresco webclient war available from:

Which would mean I could use Maven's overlay feature to extend and overwrite files from the Alfresco distribution.

Any tips and thoughts on how to make a great proof of concept - and what resources ( for example good samples or unittests to look at on how to use services etc. ) to look at to get up to speed - would be appreciated.

I could post my initial plans about the specification and how to implement them later on too, if anyone cares to comment on whether I am on the right track.

… I really think it is funny that it took the experience of staring Liferay eye to eye to finally realize that Alfresco is where I would prefer to do my content development work.