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Can no longer 'Manage' my Share sites

Question asked by tarh33l on Aug 12, 2010
So, I was attempting to import some Share sites via ACPs. Before I did this, "admin" had full manager privileges  on each site. In addition, I had a number of consumers and collaborators assigned to those sites. Once I imported the ACP, all of my abilities to manage the site (inviting new users, setting access rights, configuring the site, etc.) are now gone. I am just a contributor to each site. Everything else in the site functions as expected. Unfortunately, nobody can manage these sites now, including admin. I've figured out there there is no longer an association between my users and the associated site groups in the repository. I need to know if I can somehow add my admin back in as a manager (I realize this may involve an update in the database, and I'm ok with that). I don't care about the users of my sites since I can reinvite them once I can manage those sites again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Terence