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Sharepoint workspace won't connect

Question asked by philipmrussell on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by mbe
Version Community 4.0.e Running on a Linux Server
I am trying to set up and get the SharePoint workspace connector to work.
I can connect to a file  via Word

File ->  open _> at the bottom     https://machineurl:7070/alfresco/sitename/documentLibrary/filename
Prompt for Login and Password success
The files open and it can edit them and successfully save them. Very good.
The word loading and saving is incredibly slow - especially compared to using share  Share is virtually instantaneous Word takes 1-2 minutes this may be relevant.

Now to the real problem

Certificates are ok https is working all other software seems to be installed ok because word works
When I open the SharePoint work-space connector and put in the same site info - I am prompted for a login and password  as with word then I get the message.

SharePoint workspace was unable to interpret the SharePoint location Check spellings etc.