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Question asked by ttati on Oct 18, 2012
We are moving from AVM to DM and we are looking into Web Quick Start.
Unfortunately DM doesn't provide support for user-sandboxes and staging-sandbox and
I haven't found anything to replicate deployment to target server/file system with rollback functionality.

We are thinking about using WQS or a similar approach where users can edit content in the Editorial Site then publish content to the Live Site which will be like the "staging sandbox" in AVM. This solution allows content editor to go back to the previous version of "staging sandbox" (hopefully, I haven't tried it yet) if they are not happy with their changes.
They can then deploy to a target server which will serve content to the web site. If after deploying they change their mind they can still go back to the previous version in the Live Site and deploy it again.

It seems to be a nice way to replicate AVM behaviour so my question is

Is there any built in way for the content editor manager to check who published what and when?
Is there any built in way to check who did the last deployment, when and what has been deployed?

Thank you