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Ideas for exposing a Share page to non-repository users?

Question asked by tarh33l on Aug 13, 2010
We've got a requirement to expose a few of our Share forms to some portal users. The portal will be responsible for grabbing an Alfresco ticket by using a shared service-type account (i.e. none of the portal users will have actual user accounts in Alfresco). We were hoping to simply pass that ticket into our Share page like this:


where "foo" is a Share page that utilizes the out of the box Share form component. Unfortunately, this is not working as expected (we've also tried "ticket" as the queryString param name with no luck). We've got a suspicion that the form component was never meant to be used with a ticket. If that's the case, we'd love to get some guidance on an alternative way of doing this. Can we somehow intercept the request to the page, pass the ticket to some sort of service that will authenticate the user (in Share), then direct them to the form? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Terence