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EC2  -  Windows Environment

Question asked by bgara on Aug 13, 2010

     I am new to Alfresco.  I am not able to access  http://publicdns:8080/alfresco   even after changing the Localhost in Global Properties.

Steps I followed:

1.  Create a EC2  Windows environment small.
2.  Remote desktop into the Instance.
3.  Download the community edition 3.3
4.  Installed Alfresco.
5.  Went to  C:\Alfresco\tomcat\shared\classes\   replaced ${localhost} with publicdns name
6.  Open the 8080 port using following the instructions from
7. Started "Alfresco Server".
8. On EC2 instance I am able to open the alfresco explorer   http://localhost:8080/alfresco.

When I am trying to open   http://publicdns:8080/alfresco from remote box I am getting Page not found.

I didn't used  Ubuntu image because I am not familiar with Ubuntu and the image is on Medium CPU.  EC2 small will cost me half of  EC2 medium CPU instance. Since I am totally new I prefer using small ec2 instance.

Please help me what I have to do.

Thank you