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Question asked by nickbsd on Aug 13, 2010
Hello everyone. I'm new to Alfresco so forgive me if I ask dumb questions.

I have successfully created multiple sites and site is working great! One problem that I'm facing is RSS feeds. I haven't activated LDAP authentication so I'm using local auth only. The problem is after I logon to Alfresco share and attempt to setup an RSS feed to see updates on any sites that I manage, I receive this error message.

Actually first I receive a prompt to logon, after I enter my credentials I receive this error message:

The Web Script /share/feedservice/components/dashlets/activities/list has responded with a status of 500 - Internal Error.

500 Description: An error inside the HTTP server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Message: 07130011 Failed to load script 'classpath*:alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/dashlets/activity-list.get.js': 07130010 
Exception: org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException - 07130010 
Exception: org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException - 07130011 Failed to load script 'classpath*:alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/dashlets/activity-list.get.js': 07130010 
Server: Alfresco - v1.0.0 (Milestone 3 270) schema 1,000
Time: Aug 13, 2010 3:06:02 PM
Diagnostics: Inspect Web Script (org/alfresco/components/dashlets/activity-list.get)

I haven't made any customizations. This is a typical setup on a Windows 2003 server.