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Email Count issue when creating new discussions in share

Question asked by sowmya on Aug 14, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by mthomas
For every discussion forum updates in share, I need to get an email notification…
I created rules in alfresco explore and got emails for every updates..

My problem is whenever I am creating a new blog or new discussion forum, I am getting 2 mails..
One stating that there is a new discussion available in "discussion" space and the other stating that a new post available in "post-1281768539866_368" {space name} space.. Why it is so???

If I am replying for that forum, I am getting only one response mail.. So this additional email issue occurs only when creating new discussions or blog posts..
How to avoid this 2 emails and have a single notification email during new posts…
Thanks in advance…..