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Multilingual content inside one article container

Question asked by huima on Aug 14, 2010
Question about how to model multilingual content - and whether this implementation idea is worth to implement.

In our case our intention would be to have just one publishing tree for documents and each article would have translations in each of the site's language. Initially I thought to model it in a way that we have an article object, which is just a container object to article content-objects. Essentially article container would be just like folder with just some aspects or properties added to it, and article content would be just like cm:content.

Reasons for this kind of designs is easier management and querying of content compared to the standard implementation, where articles are linked through multilingual aspect and the multilingual container.

So to resolve an url to the content we will follow through these steps:

1) get the note via the url - which points to the article container

2) check children of the container for content items with language property / aspect set to the requested language

3) return the article content to the application serving content to the enduser

In content management UI and in webclient content authors can this way see the article items and inside them content for each translations compared to the standard view in webclient, where each document is visible and without opening documents you can't see which translations / documents are actually part of the same translation group.

Any thoughts on this design and/or whether others have solved similar needs differently?