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Done the tutorial now what?

Question asked by alexweber on Aug 14, 2010
Hi all,

I just installed Alfresco on Tomcat and it works a treat!!
I completed the tutorial and was impressed at the functionality thus far.
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I have a sample html file but how do you view that on the site? In other words one can add all sorts of html files to the repository but now I want to show the structure to my users, how?
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Is it possible to use the data dictionary for message tags in the online casinos
  content files? ie I compile a list of text words I want to use throughout the site, can I compile them here? And if so how do I access them?
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Is it possible to use a jsp file as a content Object? If so is it possible to use something like tiles for the layout of my site rendering the jsp's with the tags from the data dictionary? giocare online casinò