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ldap import works partially

Question asked by mrksjs on Oct 19, 2012

i have a test environment here with alfresco 3.4d installed. i configured it for some synchronization testing against a microsoft AD server.
the synchronization works partially. in the user list i finally have 101 user of around ~130 which are on the AD. the userSearchBase points to an OU with several subfolders/ous.

-+userfolder (userSearchBase)
      o x_USER1 (gets imported)
      o x_USER2 (gets imported)
      o x_USER3 (gets imported)
      o y_USER1 (not imported)
      o y_USER3 (gets imported)
      o z_USER1 (gets imported)
      o z_USER2 (not imported)
      o z_USER3 (not imported)

it picks up some users in the ou but not all of them. i checked if the attributes look the same, and they did. also the non-imported user are neither disabled nor blocked for any reason.

what log switches can i set to find if theres an error?

btw: how can i flush the existing users which were imported?

this is really odd