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Share : autocomplete in datalists

Question asked by philippe on Aug 15, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by applelam

I have tried the autocomplete control in share. It works well when I edit entities from the "Edit Metadata" page.

But when I use it in DataList, it doesn't work (when I add a new row).

It seems that the contructor YAHOO.widget.AutoComplete doesn't find the input controls, the call YAHOO.util.Dom.inDocument(elInput) returns always false.

some code from the autoComplete.ftl :
new YAHOO.widget.AutoComplete("${fieldHtmlId}", "${fieldHtmlId}-container", oDS);

some code from the autoComplete.js :
YAHOO.widget.AutoComplete = function(elInput,elContainer,oDataSource,oConfigs) {

// Validate input element
        if(YAHOO.util.Dom.inDocument(elInput)) {…}


I would like to have the autocomplete in datalist as well as in "Edit Metadata" page.
Has anyone run into this problem, and found a solution ?

Thank you