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Bounce Inbound Email Messages

Question asked by hartjed on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by mrogers

I've finally gotten through the pains of getting inbound email to work, however in the process I have also discovered some alarming info that gets returned to sender when alfresco gets an email but rejects it.  For example, when I send an email from an email account that either is not configured as a user, or is not in the allowed senders domain (, the email isn't simply ignored, but returned with a "denied access" message which includes the error code AND worst of all, the IP address of the internal Alfresco server. 

We are intentionally not providing direct access to Alfresco either to share/alfresco explorer or through email (using an email gateway).  That Alfresco is not only acknowledging the email service is available but also telling the whole world the internal IP address of the server it's running on is pretty scary.

Anyone know how to mitigate this issue?