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Upgrade 4.0.e to 4.2.a - need some help please

Question asked by ttownsend on Oct 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by ttownsend
Hello all,

I'm a SOHO-type admin of Alfresco, and use it as the core of my information management for my consulting practice.  I'm a one-man show, so I have to do all of my own tech support, too.

I have read quite a lot about upgrading Alfresco, almost everything I could find from these forums, but none of the information I have found seems to have what I need.
This is the first time I am migrating from one server to another.

My environment:  All virtual machines under VMWare Workstation 8

OLD server
Alfresco 4.0.e
— Ubuntu desktop 10.04 64bit
— Alfresco 4.0.e installed from binary
— Postgresql

NEW server
Alfresco 4.2.a
— Ubuntu desktop 12.04 64bit
— Alfresco 4.2.a installed from binary
— Postgresql

Both installations were from the binary installers.

I have already backed-up the VMs.

If I understand the upgrade procedure correctly, I would:
1.  Do a fresh install of NEW server
2.  Dump OLD database
Note on this:  When using pgAdmin3, I see that there are 2 databases (postgres AND alfresco) on each server.  Which is which?  Should I backup/restore both?
3.  Copy OLD alf_data
4.  Rename NEW alf_data to (something like) alf_data_NEW
5.  Replace NEW alf_data with OLD alf_data, and let's call this one Upgraded alf_data
6.  From alf_data_NEW, copy these directories to the Upgraded alf_data: keystore, postgres, solr
7.  Start NEW server
8.  Have an Irish whiskey.

Is this correct?  Are there additional hints or tips?  I would ask that any advice be rather simple - while I'm decent at admin'ing my own systems, I'm not an advanced admin or software engineer, so explicit instructions are the best for me.

Depending on the result, would anyone be willing to help me document this procedure for the Community?

Many, many thanks in advance!