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Struts - Alfresco - AWS Cloud

Question asked by belfast on Oct 21, 2012
I am a newbie to Alfresco and amongst all the options have lost my direction. I have a Cloud storage solution that uses Struts instead of Spring and calls a backend where entire code base is in Java. I actually wrote the application that will do storage, user management by myself. Now i want to move to Alfresco and remove the backend code and port only the front end to Alfresco while still using my AWS account to which Alfresco would persist data. I can spin up a bitNami Alfresco server in AWS. But what boggles me is the integration of Struts with Alfresco. Can anyone show me a simple code sample with which to create file/folder?

Alfresco examples have a Web services based sample code that seems to be right way to go but i could not point out the right libraries to compile it on Eclipse.

I hope Alfresco team would put together a java based samples code for struts too.

I appreciate any replies…