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Alfresco Share : missing the requirements for CMS features .

Question asked by rahul_22 on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by rahul_22
Hi All,

    I am developing an application in grails and I want to add content management features to it, for which I am exploring alfresco share for the following requirement but I am not finding anything to conclude that alfresco share can  has/support these features :

   Requirements are as follow:-
    1. Scheduled publishing of content .
    2. Content filter on back office based on content status, author etc.
    3. Applications can add items to the groups. – as far as I'm concerned there are only option to add users in groups or to add sub groups.
    4. Add items to the "Administration" page but using the Navigation plugin .
    5. Application should allow creation custom content types.Every type of content has a Status, a Publish From and a Publish field.
       I've seen the documentation for this but that is more like XML configurations .
    6. Depending upon the role of the user , user should be able to mark content draft ,published or etc.
    7. Some users should only be allow to see HTML pages and some should change the templates depending upon the role.

    Related to these requirements i have already gone through the alfresco (implemented server) ,but not able to get where i can exactly fulfill them .
    any suggestions are also welcome .