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more restircted Folder level access

Question asked by bisana on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by bisana
Hi All
I was going through directory[folder] permision. I have seethat there are
    Collaboration Priveleges
    Contributirs Privleges
    Customer Privileges
    No Previleges

Even If I give 'No priveleges' to the groups for a particular folder for groups, it does not stop the user from viewing the folder contents and the file names inside the 'No Priveleges' folder

There are buisenss requirement in which some users or groups should not be able to see the folder structure or contents in it, How could I achive it using the present group and user permission. I did try with the existing permision and groups, it was not able to do it.
How could I gain more control on the foders and files
Guidance Requested