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Integration of LDAP,SSO

Question asked by ankit_yakkundi on Aug 18, 2010
I have installed Alfresco 3.3 on windows XP.I have sucessfully integrated LDAP with Alfresco. Now i want to integrate SSO with alfresco. I am using Apache Directory Studio for LDAP,CAS-Server-3.4.2 for SSO.

I have deployed cas-server-webapp-3.4.2.war on different tomcat running on 8081 port number. I have copied cas-client-core-3.1.10.jar in alfresco's tomcat lib folder. Now when i start alfresco ie http://localhost:8080/alfresco, CAS's login page opens. When i login with any user which is defined in LDAP or Alfresco, it is redirected to alfresco login page, where i have to login again. As far as i know ,once i login through CAS i should be able to access Alfresco' webclient and share without logging again.

Is this this the way SSO works????

I have refered these wiki.

Can anyone tell me how can i integrate SSO with alfresco. In the above wiki , they have not discussed how can i integrate share with SSO, please tell me the solution..

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome…

Thanks in advanced…