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workflow message gone out of view.

Question asked by pmverma on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by pmverma
Hi all,

When starting a workflow, I write text in message box which accepts about 250(not exactly, but it is approx) character.
Suppose I type the last character and stop typing, it do not accepts any more.

But when, I change my machine input language to Japanese and type again in message box(prior typed text are still in box). Then, my old English is being cut off totally and message text  start from my new Japanese text.

I do this right opposite, first in Japanese and then in English. In this case it accepts more than its maximum acceptable length.More than 400 and more.

I am finding some way to solve this that it would not cut off original and  not become more that its permissible length.

Could any body share me great idea and advice  on this problem ?

Thanks in advance.