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PDF to Image Transformation

Question asked by ankit_yakkundi on Aug 20, 2010
I have installed Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.3 on my Windows XP. I know that using rule or action we can transform pdf to image , but the problem is that only the fron page of the pdf is transformed into image. If there a pdf of 35 page then i should get 35 images. Rite. or is there any alternative so that i can convert pdf into image. The main object is adding watermarking on pdf. Since watermarking can not be done for pdf using imagemagick, so i want to first transform the pdf into image then add watermarking to it.

This process requires steps of action to get executed, so i want to know whether in alfresco there any method through which steps of process can be executed??? ie first pdf->image->watermarked image. I requires 3 processes.

So my doubts are:-
* How to convert pdf to image
* Adding automation chain ie steps of action exexcution.
* Watermarking more than one image at a time.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome..

Thanks in advance…