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More presets files in share

Question asked by federicotarantino on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by guiguik
I create a module for share that implements a new site type. I create a presets file (presets.xml) and install it in /classes/alfresco/web-extensions/site-data/
All right for now.
After i create another module that implements another site type. I create another presets file (presets.xml), but i can't deploy it. I can't override the other presets.xml.
These modules are indipendent and i can't merge the two presets.xml.
From svn of record management i see that his preset file name is "rm-presets.xml". Perfect for me!!!!!
But if i rename my presets.xml site not work (Filename must be "presets.xml"). I work on alfresco 4.0. Do I must migrate to 4.2 for this feature?
How record management implements it???