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Future Enhancements for Alfresco Desktop Sync

Question asked by chaoticneutral on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by stevereiner

I completely understand where the client is at in its development and know that it's still only in Beta. Your focus on the basics in making it a solid foundation for future revisions of the sync client is much appreciated, applauded, and in all honesty needed/refreshing. It's frustrating when developers try to put too much functionality into a first implimentation where it prevents the technology from being useful/functional at it's birth. That ends up doing no one any good. (As much of a Microsoft shop as we are, Microsoft directly comes to mind here :D )

However, my question is one from the perspective of a decision maker and potential future adopter. I am heavily considering the use of Alfresco as our CMS foundation for our company. I love the product and what it has to offer. I, like many other IT decision makers are in an unfortunate position of trying to decide on a technology based on integrations and offers from other numerous competitors. One of the toughest out there right now are Dropbox like technologies that have an incredible product offering for what they are. What they are not are Alfresco/Sharepoint/and the like (potential portal and truly collaborative solutions as apposed to just content delivery). So I am stuck with trying to find a CMS solution that can compete against desktop sync functionality like Dropbox where users get version control, real-time desktop sync client notifications (not just through email), more robust control over available synced files, etc …… all via the desktop install of the client.

Again, understanding where the client is at in it's development, I am not expecting this functionality right out of the box once it's released by any measure. I would however expect something like this to solidly compete against solutions like Dropbox, Box, and Sharefile in the future (hopefully near). Are there any plans for updates such as these (version control, real-time desktop sync client notifications (not just through email), more robust control over available synced files, etc ……) in the Alfresco Desktop Sync client?

One would argue that IT ultimately controls what technologies are used in any given environment, however the reality is with the invention of consumer solutions like Dropbox and cloud computing, IT's control becomes very limited in highly demanding/user-centric environments. When you don't have a competing and equivalent/better solution to offer, users win in environments like these making questions like mine all the more important for decision makers.

I appreciate the work Alfresco is doing. You have an incredible product that we hope to be useing in the near future!

Tigh Holmstrom
Director, IT