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Constant Freezing of Alfresco WebDAV, CIFS, and Web Portal

Question asked by scottcarson on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by harrild
Hi all,

I've scoured the forum for months and I'm at wits end. I've got a few clients in production environments who are all having this problem and so it's critical that it get fixed.

My company builds servers designed and optimized for Alfresco Community, running kubuntu with a minimum 3.0Ghz and 4GB RAM. A few months ago, we experienced random freezing of CIFS so I posted it to the bugs and it's being worked on for next RC. In the meantime, we just used web portal and WebDAV. However, recently even those are freezing after running for about 12 hours, which leads me to wonder if it's more. Sidebar: every server is the exact same - the only difference is the user files that reside.

I have tweaked and played with Java memory settings for days. I just read a post that said the problem has to do with systems that have a lot a of files, claiming that the file listing is loaded into memory and upon refresh it overloads the listing/buffers and seizes up. That makes sense as there are at least 100,000 files on each server. Can anybody give other suggestions and/or options and/or a solution as to why this is happening?

Thanks so much in advance,