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Alf startup stalls at loading of '

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 20, 2010
I am running Alf 3.2 in a cluster with 1 other server on Fedora 12 with mysql & java1.6.0_16. I was getting copy errors when users were uploading content into a webdav folder so I shut Alf down, and tried to start it back up again. BIG MISTAKE, because apparently, you never know how Alf is going to behave after a reboot.

I haven't had a problem like this in a while thankfully, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to start Alfresco up again.

I have tried deleting the lucene-indexes directory and setting index.recovery=FULL and my indexes aren't being rebuilt, Alf more or less just freezes once it gets to loading "".

I backed up the indexes beforehand, and I tried re-adding the old indexes in and setting index.recovery to both VALIDATE and AUTO, with no success.

Any ideas guys? Thank you.