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Document Storage, Maximum Folders, Controled Structure

Question asked by buddyblair on Aug 22, 2010

I am fairly new to Alfresco so I thought it would be prudent to reach out to this group for assistance with my evaluation.

My question is two-fold and it concerns the organization and storage of documents. I will provide a simple example that will hopefully aid in explanation.

I would like to use the system in the HR department of a large company. I wish to store all documentation related to an employee in a hierarchical format. I would like to duplicate the structure of how documents are stored in the paper files. The hierarchy looks something like this:

-Employee Name, Employee Id
—–Hiring Information (Folder)
———-Resume/CV (Docs)
———-References (Docs)
———-Correspondence (Docs)
—–Benefits (Folder)
———-401k Summary (Docs)
———-Medical/Health Benefits (Docs)
———-Correspondence (Docs)
—–Reviews (Folder)
———-2010 (Folder)
—————Monthly Review (Doc)
—————Annual Review (Doc)
———-2009 (Folder)
—————Monthly Review (Doc)
—————Annual Review (Doc)
———-Correspondence (Doc)
———-Disciplinary Form (Doc)

This is a fairly simple idea but hopefully the point is clear. I want to control the structure so that users cannot simple create a folder wherever they want. The structure should always be consistent for auditability and compliance reasons as well as to simplify finding documents. Every document should have one and only one place to be located. Controlling this structure doesn't seem too complicated but any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The second part of the questions has to do with volumes. If this is a company with 25k employees or more would it become unwieldy? Or what is we used this concept in others areas where the top level counts would be in the hundreds of thousands? What would be the impact on the interface points such as the IMAP integration or even in the web client?

If you have any experience with this type of issue I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,