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Lucene query OK in node browser but returns none in JS

Question asked by chapeaurouge on Aug 23, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by chapeaurouge
Hello all,

I have a lucene query which works fine when used with the Node Browser. However, when used in the controller .js of my webscript, I get 0 result.

Here is the query (using some of my custom types):
TYPE:"{http://intranet/model/content/mysys/1.0}statements" +@\{http\://intranet/model/content/mysys/1.0\}db_source:"PROD"  +@\{http\://\}modified:[NOW TO NOW]

Here is the javascript:
function do_count() {

   var alfQry = 'TYPE:"{http://intranet/model/content/mysys/1.0}statements" +@\{http\://intranet/model/content/mysys/1.0\}db_source:"PROD"   +@\{http\://\}modified:[NOW TO NOW]';

   var encodedQry = search.ISO9075Encode(alfQry);

  var qryDefinition = {
     query: encodedQry,
     language: "lucene"
  var nodes = search.query(qryDefinition);
  logger.log("Number of nodes returned: " + nodes.length);
  return nodes.length;

Any idea?