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No connection to remote OpenOffice in Alf Community 4.0e

Question asked by moosach on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by moosach
Hi everybody,

I have to ask a new question after a long time as I'm stuck currently. Hopefully I get some hints here how to proceed.

Alfresco Community 4.0e
Tomcat 7.0.26
mySql 5.5

Remote :
OpenOffice 3 running headless and reachable with telnet from Alfresco server on the specified port 8101 (on both sides)

Configuration should be simple now according<OpenOffice host ip address>
ooo.port=<OpenOffice port number>

I skipped tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/remote-openoffce-context.xml described in as I got this error " "Error creating bean with name 'transformer.OpenOffice'" as described in issue ALF-14240. So I assume that fix is already included in version 4.0e.

Well I don't get any connection. Log simply says :"An initial OpenOffice connection could not be established."

Should it be possible to connect to a remote OO with Alfresco 4.0e ? Is there a log level to see what is going wrong ?

Any help or hint is welcome. I'm really stuck currently.

Thanks and best regards