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Flash Zoom Preview - Plugin Zoom Preview

Question asked by gabri124 on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by anakin59490
Hello I was looking for changing the default zoom of flash preview but I dont find anything to help me.
Then i was trying to modify attributes of plugin PDFJS preview to change its default scale
          The PdfJs <plugin> element supports the following attributes to further control the viewer
            * src="value"    Name of the thumbnail to display, which should be a PDF (default null, forces the cm:content property to be used)
            * skipbrowsertest="true|false"    Skipbrowser test, mostly for developer to force test loading (default "false")
            * mode="iframe|block" Display mode. "block" is the normal Share view, "iframe" uses the pdf.js viewer in an iframe (deprecated, default "block")
            * defaultScale="page-width|two-page-width|page-height|page-fit|two-page-fit|auto|value" Default zoom level for new documents, either a predefined string (for auto-calculation) or a decimal number between 0 and 1 (default "two-page-fit")
            * scaleDelta="value"   Multipler for zooming in/out, should be a decimal > 1 (default "1.1")
            * pageLayout="single|multi"   Layout to use to display pages, "single" (one page per row) or "multi" (multiple pages per row) (default "multi")
            * disableTextLayer="true|false"   Whether text overlays on pages should be disabled. Overlays allow users to select text content in their browser but reduce rendering performance (default "false")
            * useLocalStorage="true|false"   Whether to use HTML5 browser storage to persist the page number and zoom level of previously-viewed documents (default "true")

      <condition mimeType="application/pdf">
         <plugin scaleDelta="1.3">PdfJs</plugin>
But it doesnt work.

Anyone can help me to modify default zoom preview?