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Alfresco Share Customization Limitations

Question asked by alejandrogarciaseco on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by alejandrogarciaseco
Hi folks,

We have chosen Alfresco for our project because Alfresco meets most of the functional requirements we need.

Share is a great app, nevertheless it has too much functionality for our scenario, much more than we need in our project. This is the reason of posting this question, we don't know what's the best option: either customize Share creating custom pages, custom dashboard, custom actions and metadata etc. or create a new web application that interacts with the repository.

Roughly, we have these requirements:

    - Custom header with custom menu, disabling direct access to Repository (users only can collaborate using Sites)
    - Custom dashboard that contains:
    1. On the left, list of Sites
    2. On the center, custom dashlets which shows several content in different ways and formats
    - Custom document details page, with custom actions and custom metadata
I would like to know opinions based on experience, explaining when and why would be a good idea to create a new web app that interacts with the Alfresco repository or when to customize Share according to your needs. I'm highly interested on knowing Share customization limits.