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Speed of saving of Word over CIFS

Question asked by tbee on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2011 by neil.benn
I know that accessing the WebDav interface via Office has problems, so I setup CIFS on Ubuntu 9 and it works great. With one exception; saving from certain Microsoft applications. I did a bunch of tests to illustrate. Saving to Alfresco CIFS from:
- Word: 60 seconds
- samen document from Writer (open office): 3 seconds
- a simple Excel: 2 seconds
- a complex Excel: 6 seconds
- a 21 slide powerpoint: 8 seconds
- a JPG directly into a RAR on the Alfresco CIFS: 2 seconds
- a jpg in Paint.Net; instant
- a jpg in MSPaint; 50 seconds
- a text from Notepad++: instant.
- same text from MSNotepad: 30 seconds
- a sql query from DBVisualizer: instant
- FTP download of a 100k JPG with FileZilla directly to the Alfresco CIFS: instant
- a Adobe Illustrator document: 8 seconds
- print the 21 page powerpoint to a PDF using CutePDF: 3 seconds

For some reason MSWord, MSNotepad and MSPaint are very very slow, but MSExcel and MSPowerpoint are ok. Saving from MSOutlook is slow as well (most likely because it uses MSWord internally).

Is there anyone who has experienced something similar and more importantly; what is causing it and how can I solve it? What is MSWord doing while saving?