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Why can't I get the docs I added in the search result?

Question asked by kobeyang on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by kobeyang
Hi all,
my alfresco version is 4.0.e. Now I have added some documents named like "test.txt". But when I input "test" in the search textbox, I couldn't get the "test.txt" but lots of file that resided in the system when installing. So I assume there should be no problem in the Lucene environment because it can run the search. But there must be something wrong in the index building because when I uploaded the file, the directory "alf_data/lucene-indexes" was not updated.
The configuration is below.

index.tracking.cronExpression=0/5 * * * * ?

So I really don't know what's wrong. This problem has puzzled me for a week. Could anyone help me to figure it out? Thanks in advance.