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Do not list all Users in 'Company/User Homes'

Question asked by khabaal on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2010 by leonk
We have a slight problem with listing Users inside the "User Homes" directory inside Alfresco.
The problem is that we sync users against an LDAP Server which has currently more than 32000 users.

If someone now clicks on the "Company/User Homes" button inside the share webfrontend, alfresco tries to list all 32000 users which causes the "org.alfresco.personTransactionalCache" to run full after 3300 users. So we decided to completely remove access to "User Homes", "Data Dictionary" and "Guest Home" for anyone but the admin user. Since we do not want to share files between users anywhere else than the "Sites" this is not a big deal. Besides that we do not want every user to get to know all the other usernames which could lead to serious security issues.

Some of our users would like to have access to their home directory though and since we have disabled the "User Homes" directory they have no way to access it from WEBDAV, FTP or CIFS ( it currently only lists the "Sites" folder ).

So my questions now would be:
- Is it possible to make the own home folder accessible from WEBDAV, CIFS etc. without listing all the other users.
- Is it possible to list only the own folder and those of the people who granted access to their shared folder inside "Company/User Homes"