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Unable to access Share from Internet Explorer

Question asked by zbennett on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by dmatejka
Hi all,

I'm having some trouble making Share easily accessible via Internet Explorer.  For reference, I'm running Alfresco 3.3 CE as an intranet site from my Windows XP SP3 machine.  My machine name is zbennett_XP and its IP address is  I've configured Alfresco and Share to run from port 80, so there is no need to include the port number in the URL.

The problem is that Internet Explorer won't log into Share when accessing my machine by its name.  This would be the most ideal option for my users, but it's the only option that doesn't work right now!  It does display the Share log in page, but it simply won't log in - the page just "flashes" briefly as if the Refresh button is being clicked (it doesn't even give any errors).  I suspect this is an issue with IE's security settings, but from what I can see, everything should be fine (intranet zone security is set to minimum, and IE does say "Local intranet" in the status bar at the bottom).  Additionally, the standard Alfresco site (not Share) can be logged in to even though Share can't be logged in to.  Some examples:

http://zbennett_xp/share - allows users to log in from Firefox but not from IE - this is the link I want to work
http://zbennett_xp/alfresco - works perfectly from IE and FF - works perfectly from IE and FF - works perfectly from IE and FF

http://localhost/share - works perfectly from IE and FF (from my machine only, of course)
http://localhost/alfresco - works perfectly from IE and FF (again, from my machine only)

Has anyone had experience with this and/or know what is causing the issue in IE?