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Creating a website with user registration feature

Question asked by winsenthil on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by zbennett
I need to create a website with login form, blogs, forums etc.. I proceeded with community edition 3.3g.

By using share, I had created a site which has blog, forums as default… I found we can connect our share(site) with our active directories to login using our network account (that's for existing users). I dont need that..

I need to create a website with login form (say, first user must register their details, it will be stored in some database and then they have to login, to view the complete website which will have forums, blogs, etc..)

How can I do that??? Does share or web client provide this feature? or do I need to do proceed with any other forms or AWE. Will authentication web scripts give me a solution for this…

can anyone suggest me a solution….
Thanks in advance.