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Forms in Share

Question asked by bengrah on Aug 25, 2010
Hi everyone

I've got a few questions about the use of Forms in Share. Since I can't seem to get a definitive definition down about what it is they can be used for. I see they can at least, be used for editing metadata, or editing custom metadata but is that all for now?

One of my recent requirements is that we're moving from a previous ECM that had form functionality in the sense that you could create content with forms. Can you do that with Alfresco? For example, we would have a form you could use to request info, it would have NAME, INFO REQUESTING, TO, DATE fields on it with a button at the bottom when clicked would say, create a document in the repository with the data, and send an email to the user who the info request would be addressed to. I know something like that would be possible with web scripts, but is there no way Forms can be utilised like this as of 3.3.1 EE?

Thanks all