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LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice and No Preview Of Office Document

Question asked by jon2718 on Nov 3, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by sasquatch58

I have installed Alfresco 4.2b and migrated my data from 4.0d.  I have been having a problem with preview of office documents (i.e., word, ppt, etc).  They don't preview. 

I noticed in the alfresco startup script ( that there is the following path: OPENOFFICE_SCRIPT=$INSTALLDIR/openoffice/scripts/
However, it appears that alfresco has not such path and in fact only has a libreoffice directory.  Could this be causing the problem - i.e. libre(open)office is not starting?

Does alfresco automatically install libreoffice or open office?  Why would the path be wrong in the startup script?  What is the correct configuration?  do I need to install libreoffice or openoffice myself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.