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Incorrect file metadata of newly  uploaded file.

Question asked by pmverma on Nov 5, 2012
In Repository,
When a large file is uploaded, File metadata is displaying as "Modified by ……" instead of "Created by ….." .

I traced it with Firebug  and found in documentlist.js that it has expression tested for its created and modified as follow:

_setupMetadataRenderers: function DL__setupMetadataRenderers()
         this.registerRenderer("date", function(record, label)
            var dateI18N = "modified", dateProperty = properties.modified.iso8601;
                      else if (dateProperty === properties.created.iso8601)
               dateI18N = "created";

In  "properties.created.iso8601", it has the initial time at which the uploading started.
in  "properties.modified.iso8601", it has the end time at which the uploading finished.

For uploading file which are over 300 MB in size, the time become differ about some seconds and it displayed "Modified by….."
But I get really confuse because sometimes for file that are about 5kb in size, the time get differ and show "Modified by…".

Does anybody have same problem faced?
Any advice and idea to solve this is thankful.

I am using 4.0.c, postgresql, Window xp.