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Dynamic models and custom properties

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 26, 2010
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My client has a requirement to add new Products on the fly without code changes or server restart. We already have a base custom content model where we have defined our products. But adding a new product to the system would require changes to the model and a technical person to do it.

With respect to this, I have been doing some research on Dynamic Content Model capabilities in Alfresco. It looked good to me and we were planning to create dynamic models on the fly based on user selections in the UI and then deploy it in Data Dictionary/Models space (contentModel.xml and web-client-config-custom.xml). But somehow I am not getting a comfort feeling on it as I find it very risky to play with the content model. In fact, I just faced an issue now where I deleted a dynamic model and was not able to create another one as it always complained about "Failed to validate model update - found deleted TYPE". Also, I noticed that if a dynamic model has to be deleted, then all the contents created on that model has to be deleted first. That seems to be little risky from the content perspective…

What are the other options I have? I do have a base custom content model from which all my new products would be inheriting. I was thinking about storing the new products in a custom database (MySQL, SQLServer etc) along with its custom properties. But the issue which I might face here is showing the custom properties in the "Advanced Search" page  as my custom properties are not in web-client-config-custom.xml file. Is there any way through which I can customize this? By extending Alfresco's Advanced Search???