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Question asked by zezom on Aug 27, 2010
   I have a problem. I can create a READ_ONLY_LOCK on a node by setting the string in the cm:lockType property.

The problem is that I have designed a life cycle for my documents and manage the specific permission set for each file. When the document reaches a Published state I give read access ("_ReadPermissions" "_ReadProperties" "_ReadContent" "_ReadChildren") to "GROUP_EVERYONE" and only give write access ("_ChangePermissions" "_WriteProperties" "_WriteContent" "_DeleteNode") to a group called approvers.

So the problem is when a user creates a draft copy from a published document. The script tries to modify the properties of the Published document to give it a READ_ONLY_LOCK while the user is editing the draft copy, but can't because most users don't have permission to modify the properties.

Is there a function via the javascript API that allows a user to lock a file that they do not have permission to modify the properties?

The reason that I would rather not give every one the ability to modify the documents properties is because it would mean that they could then change the document name or any other number of details when a published document is meant to be "locked down" and not modifiable by ordinary users.

Any help would be most welcome.

Ryan Thorburn.