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simple workflow and roles

Question asked by matic on Aug 27, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2010 by savic.prvoslav
Hi to all!

I need to create simple workflow publishing documents. Using alfresco community 3.3.

user1 role Contributor in Draft space, role Writer in Pending approval space.
user2 role Coordinator in Draft,Pending Approval, Published spaces

1. user1 with role creates/adds document in Drafts space and requests approval. Document is moved to Pending Approval space.
2. in Pending approval user2 with role can reject document which means moving it back to Drafts, or it can approve which means moving it to Published space
3. Once document is in Published space user2 can retract document, which means that document is moved to Drafts

User1 should not be able to see/edit/delete document in Pending approval space.
All users should be able to read Published space.

I followed suggestions on this forum and tried to create role "Writer" with permission to write to Pending approvals but not reading/deleting/editing.

User1 can request approval on a document in Drafts and document is moved to Pending approval.
Problem is that User2 have no action("more actions button") to Approve or Reject.
Even if I login as admin options to approve or reject does not show.

If I grant "Read" permission to Writer role, then user2 sees approval action, but this means that user1 have acces to Pending approval and can delete document in Pending approval.

Any hints what should I do, maybe completly different approach to approving and publishing documents.