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how to enlarge edit properties form

Question asked by ltardioli on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by ltardioli
I need to enlarge the edit properties form and I've tried the firebug to find out which CSS class to change, but I didnt find.
It seems that this property is defined in inline HTML.

<div id="template_x002e_documentlist_x002e_documentlibrary_x0023_default-editDetails-alf-id34-form-container" class="form-container yui-module yui-overlay yui-panel" style="visibility: inherit; width: 90em;">

This width element seems to control the size.

I was thinkin if there a way to change the size according the form.
For exemple, if I'm editing the model X so the size of the form is X.

Maybe I can use a FTL template to generate my form, but is that the best way?
Any ideas?