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Groups Management group search very slow (many groups)

Question asked by bopolissimus on Nov 5, 2012

I have an alfresco installation that has 7000+ groups and 11000+ users.  The users and groups were imported via LDAP sync, but ignore that bit (this question isn't about LDAP, that's already working).

Alfresco 3.4.d on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) on the amazon cloud.  We're working on an upgrade to 4.2 but are doing some other configuration before the upgrade.

My question has to do with searching for groups. When I go to

Administration Console | Manage User Groups

and then search for a group using keywords (e.g., Music or *Music* ) the search takes 2 minutes or more to return results.  I turned on lucene query parser logging in case lucene was doing the searches but I don't see my searches there.

Searching for *users* is fast AND does use lucene.

So does searching for groups really not use lucene?  Is there a way to make it use lucene?  If we upgrade to 4.2 will group search use lucene?