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Integration with MS Lync

Question asked by chaoticneutral on Nov 6, 2012
I know most out there are not Microsoft fans, however, we are a Microsoft Lync shop and drastically benefit from the instant communication we are able to make use of within a MS Sharepoint and MS Lync environment. We love Alfresco as a CMS and in fact feel it has alot strengths over Sharepoint. That being said, we do alternatively feel that Shrepoint offers a more collaborative environment over Alfresco when using Lync in conjunction with Sharepoint because of the presence Lync offers in Sharepoint for instant comms.

Has anyone out there heard of any type of integration with MS Lync? I get a feeling it doesn't exist but figured I would ask. Or, maybe this is a better question, are there other comparible or better solutions that any of you have worked with before? (Understanding that comparible/better is relative to experince and opinion). Thanks all!