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Cannot locate template [Solved]

Question asked by michaelc on Aug 27, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by aleksczajka
I have created a page but I have one minor error and I don't see the issue.
I see the following error code in the page.

An error has occured in the Share component: /share/service/components/profile-search/profile-search-title.
It responded with a status of 500 - Internal Error.
Error Code Information: 500 - An error inside the HTTP server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Error Message: 07270000 Cannot locate template processor for template org/alfresco/components/profile-search/profile-search-title.get.html
Server: Alfresco Spring WebScripts - v1.0.0 (Milestone 3 357) schema 1,000
Time: Aug 27, 2010 10:16:27 AM

I don't understand why.

Now My web-extension\templates\org\alfresco\profile-search.ftl looks like this

<#include "include/alfresco-template.ftl" />


   <div id="alf-hd">
      <@region id="header" scope="global" protected=true/>
      <@region id="title" scope="template" protected=true />
   <div id="bd">
      <@region id="profile-search" scope="template" />

   <div id="ft">
      <@region id="footer" scope="global" protected=true />
in web-extension\site-data\components\template.title.profile-search.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
in site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/profile-search/profile-search-title.get.desc.xml

  <shortname>Profile Search Title</shortname>
  <description>Title component used in the people finder page</description>

in profile-search-title.get.ftl

<div class="page-title theme-bg-color-1 theme-border-1">
   <h1 class="theme-color-3"><span>${msg("header")}</span></h1>

any help would be very appreciated, thanks
Michael C