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Not able to login into alfresco share and explorer

Question asked by saty on Aug 29, 2010
Hi All,

After trying 1 week now i think i need to take decision to leave alfresco and try either drupal or plone.

every time i log in to share i get below error:-

Failed to login. The remote server may be unavailable or your authentication details have not been recognized.

every time log into alfresco explorer getting HTTP 404 error.

I run this on both Linux and Windows XP. Tried changing port in Windows xp other than 8080 but never worked.

after searching in google and community found out its not alone me who is getting this problem but yes everyone is getting same issue when using community edition.

Thanks, it is very good tool but i can't comment whether it is good tool or not because i am not able to use it.  Since i was just evaluating software's to think which content management tool, i should consider for company, never matters.

keep up the good work.