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External Authentication Problem

Question asked by gio_beretta on Aug 30, 2010
Hi ,
i have installed alfresco 3.3 enterprise trial ,our goal is to replace several product (1 wcm & 2 different cms) that we use with alfresco.
We want to mantain the Native Alfresco authentication, so share & explorer could be accessed directly with the login page,
but we also want to have a single sign on with an existing jboss portal ,alfresco would be installed on a different server, so we have company portal on server 1 and alfresco on server 2. We could run alfresco explorer/share into jboss portal as an iframe portlet , but it ask me to login. I could create the user (same user name and maybe password) on both alfresco & jbossportal , so it would be nice if we could login only with jboss portal. There is a way using Authentication Subsystems to perform a sso in this case , ?

Best regards

Giovanni Beretta