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Reporting for Solr indexing and problems

Question asked by macti on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by xarope

We have an issue where nodes can be found by an admin, but other non-admin users can't find them. We found out that just by editing the properties of the node will fix the issue, so we assume that Solr is re-indexing the node and fix any issues.

Problem is: we would like to see if we have nodes with bad indexing data on them (especially for the ACL part). Alfresco support replied to have a look at this wiki page, but I have two questions about it:

1) How do you find the nodeid? For example, I have tried the NODEREPORT report with nodeid=10, it works, but I don't know which node this is. I have tried a nodeid like 01a8b7ba-ff7c-42a6-8933-f1c863938a85 or workspace://SpacesStore/01a8b7ba-ff7c-42a6-8933-f1c863938a85, and the report is throwing up exceptions.

2) Any way to get the state for any indexing nodes? We would like to build a report that will get the state of indexing, especially ACLs, so that we can found out errors and fix it if needed.

Alfresco Enterprise with Solr.