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Client software in iPad integration with NTLM and sharepoint

Question asked by rokito on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by ebogaard

we have a client app that runs on iOS devices. It can communicate with sharepoint servers with NTLM so that you can read and edit the documents in the sharepoint server. I am trying to make it work with Alfresco. For that purpose, I need to set NTLM and sharepoint protocol in my Alfresco server.

I have set NTLM properly in Alfresco server, and if I enter in my web browser http://myserver:7070/alfresco, now it asks me for credentials and it redirects me to http://myserver:8080/share/page/user/admin/dashboard, what means that both NTLM and sharepoint protocols seems to be OK.

The problem is that if I configure my device's app to communicate with http://myserver:7070/alfresco, it also asks for credentials, but once introduced it asks for credentials again and again forever.

I have captured the traffic, and it seems that after NTLM negotiation, Alfresco server answers with "http 200 OK", but without any other information, and then the client app asks for credentials again. I am not sure if the redirection from http://myserver:7070/alfresco to http://myserver:8080/share/page/user/admin/dashboard is correct for the device's app. Maybe the destination url should be http://myserver:8080/share/page/repository so that the app could see the documents in there, but I don't know how to do that redirection. I cannot stablish that url directly in my client app (it does not work), as we need sharepoint protocol, so the very first url in the app has to be http://myserver:7070/alfresco.

The first question is, how can I set that redirection? But of course I don't even know if that would solve the problem, so the second one is, any ideas on how to make my client app work with sharepoint protocol and NTLM as it works with a sharepoint server, so that I can see the documents in Alfresco as I do in sharepoint server?

Thanks for your help!