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Alfresco 3.0 CE - CIFS instable...

Question asked by dellui on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by mrogers
Hi all!

I'm Using Alfresco CE 3.0 in a production environment on a cluster of 4 nodes in Active / Active on shared file system GFS 2 TB disks in FC.
Currently I have enabled CIFS on all 4 nodes. My problem is that randomly (especially when I do write operations), the CIFS client side crashes or block for some minutes.
Given that I realized too late that it is better to use the enterprise edition (I did too customizations and now I can not easily switch to other versions), I wish I had some information on how to configure CIFS to make it stable. Think it is better to enable CIFS on only one node?

…for me is very critical  :( , so I can also pay for expert advice!  :mrgreen: